Multiple Trade-Ins, Confusing Return Process
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I have searched on the community, and this seems to be a recurring theme.

Within the last month, I made three phone purchases on my account, with three trade-ins. Two of the purchases were made in June (online) under the same order, the other was made in July.
For the June orders, the devices were shipped separately, and only one of them included trade-in kit (one envelope, one shipping label).
For the July order, I got a trade kit (one envelope and one label). By the way, it is kind of difficult to match the order to the kits, because the Submission IDs are not included on any paper that comes with the kits.

I chatted with a rep on the 11th, explained that I am likely missing shipping materials for one item. They never clarified whether I should ship two phones in one envelope / box, they just offered to re-send another trade-in kit.

So, I shipped two of the trade-in phones (One from the June order, and the other from the July order). Here's the problem:

  • It has been over 7 days, I have not received any new shipping material
  • After 7 days - Trade-in Status on the June Order says shipped for both phones (obviously I only shipped one, so seems like I should have included both in the box).
  • After 7 days - Trade-in Status for the July Order says Initiated (even though both were shipped at the same time).

I am coming up on the 30-day window to ship all trade-ins so I can receive the advertised credit. I don't want to go through another nightmare back and forth (I just had one resolved that had been going on since January).

What to do at this point?

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Re: Multiple Trade-Ins, Confusing Return Process
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Hello, being on top of your service is vital, especially if you are managing your trade-ins. We are here to help. Please follow us and send us a Private Note to better assist you.  ~Gilbert