My account doesn't exist????
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I'm working at the state fair and need my phone to send and recieve stuff from the office. my phone service stops out of no where. i try to call customer service to see what's wrong and it says my account doesn't exist. i finally figure out a way around all the prompts to talk with a real person and it takes them 27 minutes to answer. she says she can't help me and will get me to someone that can and they will be right with me. another 48 minutes go by and someone picks up then hangs up on me right away before saying anything. I'm now like "oh great just wasted over an hour for nothing while we are losing business at the state fair because of this. i decide to leave and go back to the office to grab a different phone. the office is 30 minutes away from the state fair mind you. I get to the office, look at the phone and I now mysteriously have service. go to the verizon store to see why it was saying there was no account with my number but now it's working. they said there was a service outage in my area. WHY IN THE heck DIDN'T THAT FIRST LADY TELL ME THAT? I now have to drive 30 minutes back to the fair, spent almost 3hrs trying to figure this out with no help and lost probably 10's of thousands of dollars in business now. We will be contacting our lawyer to see if there is a way to sue for the losses and damage. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN HISTORY. I've been in customer service in the past and this place is rancid. STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON!!