My number is being used
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Hi I'm new to the community and I've been having a really hard time trying to figure out a solution to my problem. I've discovered that someone has commandeered my phone number and is activly using it. I've had my own number call me. Also, it seems that whoever has done this is also scanning my phone calls. Primarily not letting me get important phone calls. I've contacted verizon numerous times regarding this and I get the run around. I'm at my witts end with this and need help! Please anyone have any insight? Thank you!

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Hello, Joyous808. Help is here and my apologies to hear of this experience. The safety and security of your account and phone are of utmost importance to us. Please tell us more. Do you see any icons on your device that weren't there previously? Has someone had access to your phone? Please share any info that could help shed light on this issue.