NUMBER LOCK feature STILL not available for Prepaid customers to prevent SIM card attacks
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Many MORE news articles from October / November 2022, showing prepaid customers destroyed by SIM SWAPS. And as of January 2023, the NUMBER LOCK feature is STILL not available for prepaid. It only works for postpaid. When is Verizon management going to see how much bad publicity this is causing, and huge pain for customers?? Here is a related thread from previous years:

Just ONE of the many articles from fall 2022:

Initial paragraphs quoted from that article:


Verizon prepaid accounts hijacked by SIM swap crooks

Wed 19 Oct 2022 // 22:04 UTC

Verizon has notified some prepaid customers that their accounts were compromised and their phone numbers potentially hijacked by crooks via SIM swaps.

We're told that fraudsters somehow got hold of the last four digits of those people's credit card numbers – perhaps by exploiting some part of Verizon's online services – and used that information to gain control of their accounts.

From there, the crooks could access the personal info in an account and perform a SIM swap. That effectively transfers the victim's phone number to another person's device, allowing that stranger to use the number and any one-time security codes sent to it to hijack the victim's other online accounts.

"Between October 6 and October 10, 2022, a third party actor accessed the last four digits of the credit card used to make automatic payments on your account," the mobile network operator said in a letter [PDF] sent to prepaid customers. 


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