Need Assistance Filing a Corporate Complaint
To Whom This May Concern:
I want to file a compliant due to the horrible service I have received the past 24 hours. On 20 July 2021, my phone experienced a malfunction so I waited 34 minutes just to get a representative and ended up being on the call for over an hour. The troubleshooting steps killed my phone so I was told to call Asurion. I called Asurion three (3) times as well as filed a claim online to be told to contact Verizon since my phone does not have any physical damages. I called Verizon another four (4) times as well as had an text message conversation due to the wait times. Around 5:15pm EST, I got a representative who finally stated Verizon will send me a replacement phone and I had to pay $150. I did not think it was fair to pay this amount since I did not damage the phone. In addition, the previous representative quoted me a $99 deductible. I paid the fee and verified everything prior to ending the call around 6:37pm. I was told that the will be delivered the next day. However, I checked my email this morning and noticed I had to contact Verizon in regards to a Fraud email. I was told I'll get a replacement on Friday. I had the call transferred because I noticed the cost of the phone was a little over $200 but Verizon charged me $150 so I requested a refund. The representative never asked for an alternate number to contact me on just in case the call ended. The representatives on yesterday did. Nonetheless, I checked my email to find out I will not receive a phone until Monday (see below email). This is unacceptable!!! I will have to file a BBB complaint. I got my first Verizon phone in 2000; meaning. I have been a customer for over 20 years with different numbers. I am the reason all of my family members have Verizon versus the competitors.