Need Executive Relations/Escalations
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I am still and consistently having issues with your customer service and financial services representatives.
I am so very tired and continuously have billing issues - the last Executive Relations representative I had spoken with was so helpful when I spoke with her back in December.
Currently, I have been chatting with agents today for about two hours and eight now and counting. 
I think I've requested for a supervisor to contact and/or escalation at four or five times now and have a print of the whole conversation(s).
Please, please, please contact me as soon as possible and Verizon, please fix your customer service policies and training.

Re: Need Executive Relations/Escalations
Customer Service Rep

I am sorry about the "as soon as possible" portion of your post was delayed to today. If you have yet get in touch with this team let us know. We can send a Private Note to alert member on that team.