Need a CSR experts help. Not a good experience

I ordered new phones online Friday and picked up at store. New customer, ported my numbers from ATT. Was to get $600 each for my trade in. I took screen shots of my order so there would be no questions later on. I hit submit confirmation of my order came, saw nothing on it about my trade in... ok... maybe I’m not suppose to? Then an email next day said your trade in box is on the way. When it came in there was nothing that told me what box is for what phone. I chatted with VZ, they said they don’t see that I have a trade in ????!!!! So how did I get these boxes. They said go online and resubmit. I did and it said a trade in was in progress for the phone. I was asked to call the trade in group. He said the same thing and had me do the same thing. Today I chatted again. Same thing Again. 
I’m being told to send it in. Trust us..... I did this for a $1200 credit. I don’t get this, this deal is worthless to me. 20 year customer of ATT that I just dumped. I pay the return fee for the phones and lose my number? Port my number to ATT and then owe VZ $2,000 for the phones? 
I don’t understand nobody can help me. I am  preparing myself to ship it and  then be told I got a $81 credit because it wasn’t tied to a promo or they have no idea who sent the phones in.  Then what ? I fill a case with American arbitration association? I got screen shots and proof. 
why can’t anyone tell me here are your submission codes that I never got. I don’t delete my emails. Why do I get the trade in is not in the system? Yes I have tried that put in the dates and your email address on the trade in site  nothing 


Re: Need a CSR experts help. Not a good experience
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Sorry to hear, I'm not surprised.  Found your post after have 2 distasteful experiences today with Verizon.  They're a whole bunch of crooks that start arguments before trying to diagnose and find any kind of resolution.  Customer service rep is the antithesis of what they truly are.  I wish you the best.