Need to Resolve Data Service Failure Issue
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The Verizon wireless service, which has been marketed as being the best available, has in my experience, fallen way short of that claim. My boyfriend and I have both of our phones, which were purchased through Verizon, on the top tier 5G post-paid service plan. His phone is a Galaxy S21 Plus and my phone is a Galaxy S22 Ultra. Also, we live in North Miami Beach (zip code 33160), which is not only a major populace area but apparently covered by 5G service as well, according to the representatives at the local Verizon store and the Verizon service coverage map. Between the two of us, we have use a total of less than 2 gb of Verizon data for this month which is far less than our 'Unlimited' pan's monthly allocation and none of that data was used in our home, as the wireless service has been unuseable at home. It does not even work in the shopping plaza or it's parking lot located less than a mile away. We are only able to get online through our separate Xfinity wifi service. Being that we pay for Verizon data service, we should not have to piggyback off our xfinity plan for a data connection so much. The other wireless services that we have used in the past have always worked without issue in our home. This has been an ongoing problem, during which time, my boyfriend and I have spent many hours over several calls to Verizon customer service without resolution. In fact, the last time I called Ina (2 days ago) to, once again, attempt to find a solution to this problem, I sent about 3 hours on the call speaking with two representatives, which concluded with my service somehow ending up as being worse than before I had made the call. This issue has been beyond frustrating as it has caused us to be greatly inconvienced on both a personal and professional level. It is very much my hope that this matter can be resolved by Verizon, as otherwise, we will have no choice but to make a switch to a wireless provider that actually provides the services that we pay for.

Re: Need to Resolve Data Service Failure Issue
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It is important to ensure you are always set up for complete success, and provided with all the accurate information. It is our goal to ensure you are getting the best service avaialble in your area. We will be sending you a Private Note to continue! *Jorge