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We live in rural Washington.  Neighbor are sitting in driveway using our extender without permission let alone asking.  How can we set a password for the extended where only we can use it?   I have logged into the extender. Was only allowed to change the password.    Only other thing I can see.  Is when they are sitting in our driveway there is a way to kick them off.   But seems like there should be an easier way.  Thanks

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Hello, DiamondBlueRanch. We know how important it is for you get good service with your Network Extender. We are sorry to hear that your neighbors are using your Network Extender with out permission. After some research, it does appear the option to white list mobile numbers is not available  on the new LTE Network Extender. Click here to view the information we found: To confirm, what is the Network Extender model you are using? 





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The 3G extender allowed you to white list which users could use the extender. Unfortunately the 4G LTE extender doesn't offer this feature, a mistake IMO. I believe I've read on this community forum that one could reduce the radius of the signal output of the extender to limit the range of the extender. Perhaps that option will help. Otherwise, if you can and it works, try to use Wi-Fi calling while at home and unplug the extender from your home network. 

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