Never received Gift card
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Has anyone else had a hard time with gift cards??

This experience has been awful and very frustrating. I was never told to enroll or apply for the promised $150/line. We switched two lines and these rebates were a considerable factor in our decision. I've spent a lot of time chatting online and going to the Verizon store to no avail...I am no closer to the promised rebates. We bought the phones at the end of this past February. The rebates were supposed to come within 1-2 billing cycles - this was even confirmed to me (and I have all of the screenshots to prove it) on the Verizon chat.


I cannot find an email or anything else instructing me to take action to get the gift cards. Like many others have said, they were never described as "rebates"...only $150 gift cards for each line you switch that were to come in the mail. Can someone please tell me how I can get these.


Verizon this is BEYOND DISAPPOINTING! Your sales representatives should be helpful, not dismissive. I’m tired of being treated as if there was something that I did not do to get the gift cards... Had I been instructed to do something specific I would have done so. Instead I have been waiting patiently for them to arrive, as promised, in the mail and now have been rudely told that I was supposed to have entered a code online that I never even knew existed!?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. We came to Verizon from another carrier to receive good service and so far it has been anything but..


Please solve this for me.