Never received credit for my phone trade in

I have been trying to get credit for my phone that I upgraded in FEBRUARY.  I keep getting the run around that it will be "2 or 3 billing cycles".  Well, it is now August, and I have never received a credit for it.  Totally ridiculous.  The chat support is ridiculous.  Every time someone would respond back they would ask for all the same information over and over again.  I spent 6 + hours trying to resolve this for the second time about a month ago.  Funny that they give you a deadline to get the phone to them in order to receive credit for it, but they have all the time in the world to never give you the credit.  I asked for my phone back since IMO this is theft.  I didn't just donate my old phone to them, I was promised a credit to my bill, and have never received it.

Re: Never received credit for my phone trade in
Customer Service Rep

LessaBeesa29, we regret to learn you've not received credit for your phone although your device was sent to us. It's important that you do receive credit. I've sent a private note to you. Please respond to it at your convenience.