Never received my trade in credit for iphone X

On October 3rd 2021 I traded in my iPhone X for an $800 promo credit and my wife's iPhone 8 for a $550 promo credit. I was told to wait a couple of billing cycles for my wife's credit and my credit would be applied immediately ($800). The $800 credit was not applied and after waiting a couple of billing cycles the $550 credit was applied and the $800 credit was still not applied. I have reached out to Verizon via chat and after 5 attempts to fix the issue I was told to contact the trade in team and I have been on hold for over an hour. I have both agreements and both tracking numbers in front of me. Apparently Verizon just didn't apply the trade in credit and nobody picks up the phone in the trade in department. I am just about ready to leave Verizon after 10 years and go to T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Never received my trade in credit for iphone X
Customer Service Rep

We value your time and want to make sure you get the right promotions. Let's work together here and get to the bottom of this. Usually, it does take 2-3 billing cycles to get those credits. At this time, we have sent a Private Note, please meet us there.  ~Gina