Never received promotional gift card

My wife and I switched to Verizon in July of this year. Her number/line was eligible for a $300 visa gift card promotion. It said that we were DEFINITELY going to receive it when I bought our new phones and switched over. It said 8 weeks for delivery, and here we are in November and I haven’t received anything via email or through the mail. How do I get this promotion? 

Re: Never received promotional gift card
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We always want you to receive any promotion you qualify for. We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assitance. We'll try sending you one also.*Melissa

Re: Never received promotional gift card
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Add me to this list, except that I am waiting for a $400 and a $100 Visa card for bringing my devices for new lines.  This happened in early February 2022.

After being told repeatedly to "just wait," I finally was told the truth: I would not be getting my cards because supposedly I was supposed to "register" for them with 30 days.

Like this prior poster, I saw terms and conditions that I would receive the cards within 8 weeks. I never saw nor received notifications about needing to do anything else. If I did need to register, like with ATT internet, I got an email with the link.  I log into the MyVZ app or website every week, and never saw any requirement.

But the story gets worse: Last week I was promised by a CSA (with her supervisor's approval) to accept $500 in bill credits, instead of recreating the gift cards. Same difference as far I am concerned.  That was frankly the right thing to do for  long term customer with a $300 a month bill.

10 days later, no bill credit. I call back, and this CSA reads the notes, and said the $500 was denied by the supervisor...really?  Anyhow I am fed up.