Never received trade-in kit and now I’m being charged for it

I initiated the trade in online after I ordered a phone through Verizon. I’m a new customer. I ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max and I’m trying to trade in my iPhone 12 Pro and I am supposed to get $1,000 credit, $450 for the phone and $500 promotional credit. I have had nothing but issues with this service since I started. First they couldn’t find my order, then they couldn’t find my trade in. After calling multiple times about this, they keep telling me that they have sent a new trade in box but I haven’t received it and it is well past my trade in due date. Now I am being charged for the full amount of my trade in of $1,000 and this is not even my fault?? Verizon had neglected to send me a trade in kit and has done nothing but push me around. After this I am no longer going to be a Verizon customer unless I get my trade in credit. It’s like you guys are trying to purposely neglect my trade in kits so I have to pay the full amount.