New Customer Auto Bill Pay
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I'm a new Verizon customer and have signed up for auto bill pay (at least I thought). I had a conversation with a representative regarding my bill due amount. I thought the bill was too high & the rep informed me that I wasn't signed up for bill pay & that's the reason I wasn't getting my $10/month/line discount ($30 total in my case). The rep "fixed" this & I assumed everything was fine.


I happened to look at my account today & I still owe the same as before. I chatted with a rep today & was told that I needed sign up for paperlesa billing. I wasn't told this before today. In addition, my discounts would not go into affect for my first billing cycle.

Keep in mind that I activated my account only 4 days ago... my bill is not due for another 15 days. I'm seriously thinking of just canceling my entire plan over this! I purchased 2 Galaxy S21+ phones and a iPhone XR. I'm on their unlimited plan... it's not like I haven't spent a lot of money now & will spend thousands of dollars in the future.  This is no way to treat a brand new customer... I'm having serious regrets about leaving my other provider.

Can someone please point me to the right person(s) to correct this as using the chat option hasn't worked for me. I'm just glad I still have a few more days to reconsider my decision to switch.

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