New Mobile App - Missing Key Features

Thank you for updating the Mobile TV app. It has resolved several issues with playback and crashing, and has a more modern UI. However, it is missing KEY FUNCTIONALITY which was available on the previous app and is core functionality on the cable box. I HAVE THE LATEST VERSION.

1) Watching DVR ALWAYS restarts the entire program no matter where you are.

---On the cable box, the default is to resume with the option to Restart. 

---On the previous app, it would resume. (I do not recall if there was a 

2)  You cannot see the time when you move the slider forward and/back to try and fast forward or rewind. This is KEY functionality on both the cable box and previous app.

Combine this issue with #1 and it take a LONG time to try and figure out where you were when you paused a show.

3) When you look at shows from My Stuff, there is no description of the show! 

---On the cable box, this shows and the user can press Info for even more information.

---On the previous app, this showed.

Use Case: I record WWHL nightly and want to see who the guests are to decide whether to watch. I now have to actually start the show and then wait to see.

I am happy to be part of a user community that can test new apps and features. I rely heavily on the Mobile TV app.

Stacy Metro

[email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service] (MD)

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Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

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