New Phone Purchase Fiasco

Anyone else had a problem getting their new phone delivered?

Due to package theft issues I subscribe to services from both FEDEX and UPS to control my deliveries. Either held for me to come get or delivered during certain times so I can be there. My phone was shipped via FEDEX so I figured it would not be an issue.

Then Verizon stepped in. Apparently (unknown to me at the time) Verizon locks out all of those options for their deliveries. I found this out during my 4 hour odyssey of calls between Verizon and FEDEX trying to arrange something. At one point I did get Verizon to say they had removed the restrictions so I could make arrangements but FEDEX informed me that was a lie.

After three attempts FEDEX is now sending my order back to Verizon. I will be honest after those calls I told FEDEX to not waste my time or theirs just send it back right away but they insisted on trying all three times.

I understand Verizon not wanting to pay for lost products and wanting signatures but seriously not letting your customers pick up the device at the FEDEX location or specify delivery times to be after 1700... exactly how does that make your delivery chain more secure?

Basically I just loaning Verizon $1700 for the next few weeks while my phone is returned and they will then charge me $50 for their inconvenience (restocking fee).

Perhaps it is time for a new carrier as well as a new phone.