New Phone Purchase

Trying to buy a new iPhone from Verizon.  After completing the order and receiving confirmation, received an e-mail indicating that their fraud prevention unit needed to speak with me.  Included was a number to call.  This number sent me into an endless loop of alternatives (press 1 for....) but no alternative that allowed me to talk to fraud prevention.  Finally got a live customer "service" rep and after ten minutes of explaining what Verizon wanted, she tried to transfer me to the relevant unit.  After sitting on hold for five minutes, I was cut off.  For a wireless technology company, they seem structured to provide as little service as possible.

Re: New Phone Purchase
Customer Service Rep

KerryC_VZW Hello, I apologize for the delays caused by our automated system. Have you been able to get in touch with our Fraud Prevention team since?

Re: New Phone Purchase
Specialist - Level 3

Happened to me when I ordered my LG V30 years ago. I live in a state where tax was rolled into the 24 month plan instead of up front -- this was also before the scam that is the $20 fee for ordering it yourself existed.

My order was 0.00 so I used PayPal instead of digging out a card to pay this zero balance. Order was flagged and we had to call fraud because how dare I not want to enter in card information for a zero charge order.

Right now I'm waiting for an unlocked S20 to deliver from Amazon because I'm done wasting my time with getting a phone through Verizon.