New Tower put in a block away and now every call is dropped

A month ago Verizon built a new 5G tower one block from my house and property. Ever since they finished I can't have a single phone conversation without issues (mostly can't hear the caller at all) and calls dropping. It's inside and outside all over the property. I've lived here for 5 years without any issues and suddenly after they build (and hide) this tower a block away, I have problems with calls daily. 

I've called Verizon numerous times and they waste my time without addressing the tower. I've reset all Network settings, connections, etc. They are sending a new Sim card and booster, they walked me through setting up wifi calling but they still won't acknowledge the tower. I think it's because there is nothing they can do about the towers interference. I feel like I'm just collateral damage. 

Anyone else having similar issues just after a new tower is installed? I'm in Southern California.