New customer frustration
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I am not having a good experience with Verizon. I just started my plan with Verizon, April 27, 2021. And it’s been horrible. I have went to the physical store several times, talked on the phone with many reps about my issues. I came from sprint. Once I switched over, I stopped receiving text messages completely. After many trials, a store manager recommended giving me a Verizon carrier iPhone. It came, and I still managed to have the same problem! No matter how many times I have tried to get fixed. 

 Last Friday, I finally got a rep that helped me.. however I am quite frustrated that it took more than a month to get my phone to properly work. And yet, I’m still expected to pay my bill.. in full? On top of that, the replacement iPhone hasn’t transferred all my information over. And I have tried to restart it several times. Now I am being threaten by Verizon to return a phone or I’ll be charged $500, when my problems haven’t been fixed completely. I do went to return the phone. However all my data is still on the phone. I just a physical store and the rep told me reset my phone yet again, and try to transfer my files again. Like is this how you treat new customers? No better method of help? No compensation? Nothing. It’s almost like I should go back to sprint.

 One of the stores purposely prayed on my mother and charged her outrages fees. I did not know Verizon was so money hungry and didn’t want to put the customer happiness first. It’s a shame, I was really looking forward to being a new customer of Verizon, now it has been a dreadful process since day one.