New line deal iphone 11pro

If I add a line of service to get a BOGO deal, everyone says I can cancel an old line and "lose the number" but not cancel the new line.


Can I add new lines of service with new devices and upgrade to Unlimited, then swap phone numbers between old and new lines, then cancel the old lines?

If not I'm probably looking at another carrier. I'm interested in the iPhone 11pro, and even if I upgrade and trade in my current iPhone 7, it is a good deal ($700 savings - $300 cost), but if switching/adding new line it is a free phone. Old loyal customers aren't getting the love...

Additionally, I've read about adding a new line/number to get the free phone, then porting the old number to Google voice for a $20 fee, and canceling the old line.  Then, porting the number from Google voice to the NEW line -- a workaround for keeping your old number on the new line.  BUT - would that mess up the promotional credits at all, or is it the same as changing your number once a line is activated and everything is well? 


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Customer Service Rep

We can certainly help with any questions you have regarding our promotions. If the deal requires a new line of service then that new line and number will need to remain active. If you do a number transfer this will result in a loss of the promotion.