New phone stolen in transit nightmare

I upgraded my phone on December 16, 2021. When FedEx arrived at my door, the driver apologized and showed me the empty package that once contained my new phone and told me it was stolen in transit and that I may want to refuse the package. I did and it was sent back to Verizon. They signed for the empty box returned to them on 12/28. Since then, I have gone through absolute heck getting help from customer service for a replacement phone. I get a different answer from every agent I've spoken with, none of which seem very competent on what to do for my situation. I keep being told that my upgrade has been submitted for reset and to check back in 24-72 hours to create a new order. I've now been checking back for almost 2 weeks. My upgrade still has not been reset so that I can order again and I keep getting notifications to set up the new phone that I don't have. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you finally get it resolved? As of now, my account is charged for this new phone that I've never received and I can't get a replacement. Verizon support has been zero help.

Re: New phone stolen in transit nightmare
Customer Service Rep

Hello there jpreston1098 and thank you for reaching out to us today. We have sent you a PM to discuss this information further. Please reply to us there to continue.-Candice