No Credit for Turned in Device

DO NOT EVER TRADE IN A DEVICE WITH THEM!!! I sent a device in over a year ago and was never credited. I made over 12 calls to resolve the matter, and each time was assured that it was taken care of. Said it would reflect it in my next billing cycle. It never was.  Finally, I ask to speak to a supervisor. I was informed by him that there was never any record of them receiving my phone and that there was nothing he could do about it.  I gave him tracking info and submission ID, to which he replied that nothing came up. I was told by several other representatives previously that they saw where my device was received.  They basically robbed me of my phone and aren’t willing to do anything about it 

Re: No Credit for Turned in Device
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Re: No Credit for Turned in Device
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I have the same issues, I can vouch NEVER TRADE IN A DECICE WITH VERIZON. I never received my $700 promotion. I have contacted the inspection place I Texas and they revived my phone but only deemed it $0. The phone was in practically new shape, I spoke with a supervisor at the inspection place as well, no help what so ever. This is the biggest SC*M ever that Verizon has to offer, here I am 11 months later with my new phone and still no help.