No Service But Owe on Phones

My dad, brother, and my self are on a Verizon plan. My brother and dad recently upgraded phone however my brother and I live in FL and out service for about a week and a half has been unusable. I also found out my dad who lives in TN hasn’t been able to use his phone when he’s gone for about a month because of connection issues. If my dad and brother traded in their phone for new ones but we’re only getting monthly credit for those trade ins how can we leave Verizon for something that actually works for us? 
We’ve had verizon for 15+ years and the customer service has gotten worse and worse, so it’s fine time to go somewhere that will communicate outages and work with us better.

@Verizon why are we being charged so much for something that doesn't work, and why won't you credit out accounts with trade in values so we can go somewhere that works?

Re: No Service But Owe on Phones
Customer Service Rep

Hi there! I can definitely assist you with your service. I'm glad you reached out to us tonight. Please send me a Private Message, so I can help.