No Service

I’m getting insanely annoyed at the lack of service in my immediate area. Ive had Verizon for years and I’d hate to switch. I know I’m not the only one in my area with issues and I especially know no one in my home does, not even guests. I can’t even walk around my neighborhood and get service returned.  Normally it hasn’t been an issue because we are always connected to wifi but we’ve recently bought an Apple Watch for my son to be able to communicate with him while he’s out and to track location. Needless to say, it won’t connect to send anything. Yes it has a phone number and everything is turned on properly. This needs to be able to work without relying on wifi around the neighborhood and it just doesn’t. For years now my area has had no reliable data service and im at my wits end with this. My zip is 21015 and is a very highly populated area and there is no reason for this. 

When and how will this be remedied??