No Statement Credits for Trade In

If I walked into a Verizon store and said, "hey, I'd like that phone, and I'll give you money for it"...yet walked out of the store with the phone without actually paying for it...I suspect that would be called theft, a crime.

Yet if Verizon says, "hey, I'll give you money for that old phone"...yet receives and keeps the phone without actually paying for it...I guess that is business as usual.

I know, I know.  I read all the warning posts about people not getting paid for their trade ins.  Yet I was enticed to do so anyways.  And Verizon botched every step along the way.   First they never sent me the return box and shipping label as promised.  Then when I ask about what to do, they sent me THREE shipping labels (why? no idea, maybe to create confusion?).  When I raise concern about how this would be linked to my account and submission ID, they said no problem it will be.  When I chat or call to ask about it, they can't find the submission ID.  They can't find the phone, despite my having the tracking number showing it was delivered.

I have spent HOURS in online chat.  I have had TWO HOUR LONG conversations with the Trade Team (first told me all was squared away, yet credits never appeared...the second told me she would continue looking into it and follow up with me, but never did despite my messages asking her to do so).  

And now they have my phone (well, have had it for months).  They refuse to issue credits to my account.  And I am stuck paying, in full, for a phone that I only purchased expecting a trade in credit.

If you made it to the end of this message and you have concerns over trading in a perfectly good phone, you are justified and should be concerned.  Just like someone walking out of the store without paying for a device, this behavior by Verizon is also criminal. 

Well in the end Verizon, I guess you win.  I simply don't have the time and energy to continue this flight.  You got my phone free of charge.  But in the end, you now have a previously loyal customer spending thousands of dollars a year on cell coverage actively looking for a new provider.

Re: No Statement Credits for Trade In
Customer Service Rep

We should have gotten this right from the beginning and I apologize for the experience! I would love to take a closer look a tthe trade-in and ensure it gets completed properly. Please send us a Private Note and we can offer you more personalized support.