No Verizon Customer Retention Effort
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After 10 years with Verizon, 5 lines and consistently giving more and more money over the years because of growth of my family and increased use, I'm looking to find a new provider.  All this because Verizon basically cheated me out of a phone rebate for BYOD on a technicality.  Instead of just recognizing that 1) I had definitely added an unlimited service line and 2) They didn't provide me a new phone for it, they told me I hadn't read the fine print and offered a fraction of the rebate amount as a compromise for me not following the rules.  I'm not going to continue to give them more money month-over-month if they can't honor simple agreements.  The ridiculous thing is rebate amount was barely over last months services costs on the account.  It seems like no one is doing any financial customer retention calculations.  When I said this was enough to make me leave I was basically just told "I understand".  What??!!

Re: No Verizon Customer Retention Effort
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Oh, no! We most certainly wouldn't want to lose you as a customer! Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer service experience. Taking advantage of a rebate should be an exciting time. For a promotional rebate to be applied the promotional terms would need to be met. How did you initially complete your rebate submission? Did you complete this via My Verizon, or the rebate website here: