No cell phone service in or around home

We've lived in our home for the last 7 years and been with Verizon for as long. Service was fine for years, but over about the last 18 months I have little to no cell phone service or data both in the house and outside of it for about a 1-2 block radius.

It seems like theres some kind of interference stopping this from happening. I often work from home and take calls all around the house and outside with no wifi. I'll need to change providers if it can't be resolved.

I live in Philadelphia in a very populated neighborhood (19125) so paying $250 for a service extender/in home tower isn't acceptable. This is both my wife and I's phone, and we've upgraded to new iphones during this problem. There should be cell phone service in a major metropolitan area. 

What can be done?

Re: No cell phone service in or around home
Customer Service Rep

Hello, ryanscottphoto. We would hate to see you leave the Verizon family after so many years. We want to do everything we can to improve your service. To clarify, has a network ticket ever been issued for this? CourtneyM_VZW