No communication after speaking to "CHAT with us" mobile customer service
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To whom it may concern, customer service,
Last week 12/1/2020, I had waited 45 minutes from the CHAT with us - MOBILE and finally received a call back from a customer service from CHAT with us MOBILE regarding my billing of $174.30 for calls make to Malaysia on 10/20/20 - 11/2/20 which I did not make. I also ask her to review my past history where I had never make international calls to Malaysia since I do not know anyone that live there. After spending over an hour of researching & talking to her supervisor, she told me the billing will be adjusted. (Page 12 of the billing will show the calls which I did not make) 
As of today 12/9/2020, I did not see any of my bill adjusted as well as any email communication from VERIZON indicating a credit adjustment. 
Please let me know when my bill will be adjusted & updated?
I am very disappointed and not a very happy customer with no feedback & reply from Verizon customer service.
Especially I've been a very long time 20+ years customer.
Thank you, Michael 
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We can certainly take a look into your bill. We have sent you a Private Note so that we can better assist you on this matter.


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I did not receive any communication or resolution. 

Please help...