No rebates! Promises broken! Wrong billing!
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I am so weary of fighting with Verizon. I switched my family 5 phones from att. My order from Black Friday was cancelled ( after waiting 5 days for tge phones). Then to reorder and the agent had to backdate the promos. So far, I have had 4 phones working on Dec 10, 1 phone not working until Dec 15. And I am in the middle of being charged for the 3rd month. We have rebates so our phones are essentially free. But all rebates are being denied! I have spent almost 40 hours talking with V and going to their store. I have received nothing from the 3 trade-in phones we turned in. V just grabbed over $700 from my checking account after I already paid taxes of $230. Please don't tell me V is a good company. Now I am stuck!

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Why/ How are you on the third month of billing with a $700 bill?   Black Friday was end of November, it’s a bit more than one month ago, not 3?

Have you been paying every month on time? You have to pay on time to be eligible for any promotion from any other carriers.

Promotional credits don’t usually start until three months after your purchase. A purchase made the end of November would not start until at least the end of January if not the end of February.   Actually since your trade in phones have to have time to be received by the recycler.  

And since you’ve come from a AT&T you should know this because AT&T’s promotions never start crediting until three months after your purchase.  And their first bill is always for a few days, plus an entire month ahead with activation fees on every line, not much different from Verizon.  

how do you know the credits for your promotion have been denied when they shouldn’t have been applied yet? If you actually have been denied then file a Better Business Bureau complaint..