No reception at Mercy Rehab in Chesterfield, MO


I am a new customer.  Unfortunately, I have discovered that there are two locations where I either don’t have service or only have 1 bar.

1) There is absolutely no service on Verizon at Mercy Rehab Hospital on 14561 N Outer Forty, Chesterfield, MO 63017.  I asked several people who work there and they confirmed that no one gets a signal if they have Verizon as a service.  Due to this lack of service, none of the employees have Verizon.  Please advise if this situation will be addressed soon and if so what is the timeframe.  If it isn’t soon, I will have to move to a different carrier.

2) There is very poor to no service at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis.  I use to get 3-4 bars on T-Mobile and I barely get 1 bar on Verizon.  

Please advise on service availability in the above two areas and why I do not have any service or poor service.

Phone is an iPhone 11 and I didn’t have either issue on the T-Mobile network.