No service at home: SOS

Our home does not have cell service. We live in a cove, and many people around us do not have cell service.  Our phones say SOS.  Driving down our road, calls are dropped.  Many times when I get down the road where there is service, I have to turn my phone off and on in order to make a call out.  Those that live higher elevations above us have service.  We do have WIFI calling, however, if the power goes out, we lose that ability, and then we are left with no way of calling out.  This is a safety issue,  especially for the elderly living in our community, and those with children. If there was an emergency, we are left with no way of calling out.    It would be great if we could get a tower or something in this area.  Area code is 28715.  

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Customer Service Rep

Erinn1622, we're so sorry to learn about the connectivity issues you experience at home and the surrounding area. Based on the details you've shared, it sounds like there are geographical factors outside our control impacting the line of sight from our cell sites. Wi-Fi Calling is a solution that we do recommend for situations such as these. I do want to help provide some peace of mind and clarify that even in moments when your phone shows an SOS status, 911 calls will still go through as they'll be routed to an available cell site. To better assist, we'll be sending a Private Note.