No service in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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In Cabo San Lucas for a week, and with a one year old Motorola a edge plus. No network connection at all from the time we landed in the airport. Two days of my vacation spent with global support, with days of restarting, resetting network connections, pulling sim card, network refreshing, networking syncing. No network connection.

My belief, corroborated by several locals, is that there is almost no Verizon presence, with respect to leased space on local cell towers.

Locals all say that no one has any luck with Verizon in San Lucas. Verizon's coverage map has it as solid 4g coverage. This has not been my experience.

Global support has been mostly useless, leaving me on hold for 45 min, the last call, then disconnected.

In one of the "network syncs" one of thier techs reset my Visual Voicemail, and now it won't set up again, with a constant spinning icon saying "setting up, please wait"

Epic, epic fail for a customer of over 20 years. I'm looking at other options for companies with more of an international presence. 

My wife has a new T-Mobile account, having switched over from Verizon, and they have towers all over Mexico and are huge in Europe. She has good coverage.

I'm so disappointed in my experience in Cabo San Lucas, that it will be hard for me to have any loyalty to a company I've paid hundreds of dollars each month for decades.

Edited to add: I also have a tablet, that has its own Verizon number, on my account, that has no network connection, either

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We value your time and this is never the experience that we want you to have, @jswnd12 Being able to stay connected at all times is a must. Let's work together and ensure that this never happens in the future, let's also check your voicemail and tablet. What happens when you try to us your data on the tablet? When did you start having trouble?

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I started having trouble when the plane touched down at the airport, because, not matter what claims your company makes on your website, or through whatever global support alleges, your company has no usable signal in Cabo San Lucas. All the locals and ex-pat American travelers confirm it.

Whatever you have contracted out with the local cell providers to piggyback on thier cell towers, ITS NOT WORKING.

Im not spending another moment of my vacation trouble shooting my phone, resetting network connections, pulling sim cards, and waiting on hold, only to be disconnected after 30 min listening to your music, and waiting for a higher level tech, becàuse the problem is not on my end, it's on yours.

All you have done is to demonstrate that you are either ignorant of the problems that your borrowed network has, in Cabo San Lucas, or you are simply not being transparent.

Either way, I'm done.