No service in home

I have never had good service in my home but with wifi assist was able to make it work. Approximately 6 months ago or so suddenly we are dropping calls almost every single call and not receiving calls, they just go straight to voicemail. I do not have a home phone and this is my only means of contact in case of an emergency. I’m not sure if Verizon did work in the area to cause the change or what but I’m having to go half a mile to 1 mile away from my house for service. I live in the 21629 zip code. I’m aware of using wifi calling apps but other individuals in my home are not tech savvy and that would not be an option for them. 

Re: No service in home
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to read that you've been having issues with your service, we'll be glad to help out. To better assist you, we will be sending you a private message.