No service, out of luck
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It's really sad that Verizon is so desperate to drag money away from its customers even when they cannot provide service to their customers. The location I used to live in had no service and Verizon provided me with a mobile extender. It's like putting a cell site in your house. Now where I'm at the service is even worse and I have zero bars. My bill somehow is greater than $250 a month for a cell phone and a tablet and it makes me angry that I don't have any service whatsoever. I finally called Verizon today to express my dissatisfaction and to dispute at least a portion of my bill. I got nothing but back talk. The initial customer service representative, the floor lead, and finally the manager all tried to tell me that I wasn't paying for access. I was paying for having the service. They went down the list of telephone numbers on my list and showed a handful where I actually was able to make or receive a call. They admitted that there was zero data usage. Most of them were one minute calls which meant they were an attempt but not a completion. The only way I was able to reach them was by using a Wi-Fi application. They fought tooth and nail before I finally got a small concession out of them. I don't know what I'm going to do next month because they cannot provide me a level of service but seem to think that simply because I have a phone I should have to pay anyway. I might use the phone you know.


Here's the deal Verizon. If you can't provide me service, I can't provide you with my bank account information anymore. And by the way, your IVR is terrible and tells us that you don't want us to talk to you. You want us to be conditioned now to talk to a Bot that can't understand simple phrases. When you finally get it convinced that you want an agent regrettably you get one who doesn't necessarily speak clear English which makes the telephone call more difficult. You're saving a buck anyway you can off of our poor service and lack of access to customer support. You spent an hour arguing with me over something so simple.

Re: No service, out of luck
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Hello, we are here, and we are ready to assist at a moments notice! Please Private Message us in order to proceed! *Jorge