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I am a new customer. Had AT&T for years and switched thinking that Verizon had great coverage. I have been with Verizon less than two months and it’s very disappointing. I work from home, and there is little to no signal in my house, I went to the store and they switched the sim card, changed some settings, etc and nothing happened. Went to the store again and they replaced the phone thinking that maybe the phone was faulty. Nothing changed. I have called Verizon several times and have not had any solutions. Went to the store again, they told me to call Verizon and that they will send me a booster for free, I called today and was told that I have to buy a booster that costs $200+ and that they do not have loaners....this is just unreal! I traded my iPhone 10 which was in perfect condition, they told me the trade was $750, but the girl today told me that if I switch companies I have to pay $750 for the phone, I then asked about the one I traded and she simply said that I will not get anything back... so, if I switch I have to pay $750 for the phone and my other phone will never be returned.... how does that work??? O could have bought a phone and kept the old one for the same amount of money.  If service was great as advertised, I would not be having this problem. Can anyone help?? 

Re: No signal new customer
Customer Service Rep

We would be happy to review this information with you. Your trade in value appears to be a promotional value. While it may be lowered to the market value for the device used, it would not be completely voided. This amount would impact the overall cost of the device that is remaining at the time of cancelation. As for our loaner program, this is a timed, and targeted promotion. Have you received any emails referring to such an offer as yet? Did the store agent inform you that they placed such an offer on your account by chance? Additionally, was this a direct Verizon Wireless location that you were visiting?