No signal
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My house is in a week 5G signal that I can't send MMS and have slow speeds and 0 upload. But my house is in great 4G LTE signal with faster speeds then they week 5G and able to send MMS. I got my phone from VZW website and I don't believe tuning off the 5G is a good answer to get your phone to work. But anyways my phone won't let me to turn off my 5G and have it run on 4GLTE. So since I am at a area that gets technically better service then 4GLTE even if it's week it puts me on 5G even know I can do more on 4GLTE. So can anyone help me to see if I can turn off the 5G? And again I don't think that's the right answer to my problem. And one the same page I have been in 4GLTE areas that get no internet.

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Having service where you need it most is crucial, Vaio165. I'd like to learn more and help improve your overall wireless experience. What is the make and model of phone that you use?