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I traded in my old phone in October 2021, sent it in and Verizon received it November 8,21 and estimated value at $1000. It’s now February 20, 2022 and I’ve called Verizon numerous times and spoken to several agents who all state they will fill out a form and my credits will be applied in 8-10 business days. I then had to call after waiting 10 days and be told the trade in department denied the trade in and they never even attempted to contact me. 

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Ugh, I hope you get this resolved verizon_jerry.  We had a similar issue.

Last February (2021), Verizon posted offers on our online account which we promptly took advantage of.
We have a family plan and we were offered the following:
1. $580 total trade-in credit over 24 months (for my mother)
2. Another $580 total trade-in credit over 24 months (for my brother)
3. an $800 credit over 24 months for adding a new line with a new iphone purchase.
However, all they did was apply one BOGO promo of $33/month, which we never signed up for or agreed to.  Twitter seems to be awash in similar stories.
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We always want the trade-in process to go smoothly! I'm sorry to learn about what happened, and I'm here to help. Sometimes our emails go to spam folders, have you checked spam and junk email files? Please let us know, thanks in advance!