Not able to connect using cellular data but getting charged
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I ported in to Verizon on 20th May 2022 and am not able to access the internet over cellular data. I am able to make phone calls and SMS. I have connected with more than 10 reps and spent 10+ hours on calls without any positive result. I changed the SIM card with replacement SIM. Updated the software. Tried the SIM card on Apple and Android devices. Tried activating an E-SIM. Now I am left with a charge of $90 from the third party where got the line and $280 of monthly bill.

I have met with customer support, Tier 1 and 2, and Apple, Device Support, PORT team. I also went to the Verizon retail store and apple Genius Bar to troubleshoot. With no Luck.

All I need now is cancel my subscriptions without any charges.

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