Not able to send texts to non-Verizon contacts

I recently ported my number to Verizon from Boost.  Now, unless a contact is also a Verizon customer, they are unable to receive my text messages.  Please help!  Verizon support has told me everything is fine on their end, but it obviously is not.  My mother has AT&T and called them to check things on her end.  They say it is an issue with Verizon.   I lie heavily on being able to text my staff and have way too many business contacts to change my phone number.  

Re: Not able to send texts to non-Verizon contacts
Customer Service Rep

Ashlie466, we understand your concern here. Are you able to receive calls from all carriers on your phone? Texts and calls are linked as they use the same side of the service. Did Boost confirm that the porting was successful? Also, do you have an iPhone or an Android device?