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I am at my wits end with Verizon.  In May I started hosting a Ukraine family that is displaced because of the war.  There was a promotion for trade in a phone, get an Iphone free.  I ordered two, so they would have means of communicating in English and be able to talk to family members in Europe.  There were all kinds of problems with the orders, and the phones had to be ordered 3 times before they were processed correctly.  This caused problems with the trade-ins, which Verizon promised they would handle and it would not be a problem. 

I have talked to them three times on the phone about this.  Supposedly adjustments like this have to go to a separate department and it can take a couple months to process.  I talked to them in June, then July, and still has not been fixed.  I have been with Verizon for over 15 years, but I am about to leave them, take the hit on the phones, and take my business elsewhere.  No one can help, they can only put the request in.   The last manager I was able to get a hold of, was Kenyatta, and she promised me to follow the case and let me know if there were any problems.  I have not heard from her, nor is there a way to get ahold of her.  This is ridiculous.  Does anyone have a good email or phone number where I can get in touch with someone who can actually help.  So much for customer service

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Hi Cmarchel! Our goal is to provide you the best experience. Please send me a DM and allow me the opportunity to assist you as you deserve.