Novatel T2000 occasionally does not receive or make calls.

I have my home phone line on the Novatel T2000.  At first, I was having a lot of issues with dropped calls and poor audio.  And at least every other day, I would get a dial tone and be unable to make calls and incoming calls would go to voicemail after two rings.  But since I moved the device to a location where I get 4-5 bars the problems have generally cleared up.

However, on occasion, maybe every two weeks, the device still seems to go "dormant" or whatever you would call it.  I get a dial tone but I am unable to call out.  There is silence after I dial the number.  The display shows 4G and 4 bars.  Incoming calls go to Voicemail after two rings.  Now I have call forwarding set up so my calls go to my AT&T traditional landline in this scenario.  

The problem clears up by itself within about half an hour.  Or I can restart the device and it resolves the issue.  Since this happens only about every other week would it be considered "normal"?  The service is good but I am wondering if what is happening is just considered normal with this type of technology.  I have had issues with VOIP in the past as well as a regular cell phone. 

However, I have NEVER had issues on a traditional copper landline.  Is this type of issue to be expected on occasion with wireless home phone or is it a problem that can be resolved?  The device has 4-5 bars yet for some reason the Verizon towers don't seem to be accessing or connecting to the device.



Re: Novatel T2000 occasionally does not receive or make calls.
Customer Service Rep

We always want you to have service without interruption. We'd like to see what's going. The best time to troubleshoot it would be when it's happening. Facebook and Twitter are quicker ways to get an agent. We would recommend contacting us through @VZWSupport on Twitter or Facebbok when it's happening. *Melissa