Number Share Not Hiding Connected Device Number
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I have number share setup for my phone and my watch so my phone is the host and my watch is the connected device. My phone is a Samsung Z Fold 3 and my watch is a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE.

Calling or texting the host phone number works as expected.  If I turn off the phone, or turn off bluetooth on the phone, or put the phone is airplane mode, and call the host phone number, all these scenarios result in the call ringing on my watch.   Similarly, when sending a text message for each of these scenarios, the text message is received by the watch.

However, two things do not seem to be working correctly.

  1. When I call out from the watch or text from the watch, the device that receives my call or text, sees the watch phone number rather than the host phone number.

  2. A call or text message sent to the watch phone number as opposed to the host phone number is received by the watch. As I understand it from the FAQs at when number share is properly setup, the connected device phone number should be blocked.

I have been working with Verizon support, but so far have had no luck resolving either of these issues.  Are others having the same problems?  Any idea how to resolve these issues?