Number Share - SMS

Here is the equipment that i have:

Samsung Fold 4 - Phone 

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro - Smartwatch

I have Number Share enabled on my phone to watch. 

II gave my phone for service and if someone calls me the call routes to my watch.  That part works great,

 If someone tries to text my regular cell number i never get it.  If someone texts the watch directly I get it fine, but they have to text the watch's phone number.  So basically, texting doesn't seem to be working correctly when the host phone is shut off. 

How to fix this issue. ? 

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Customer Service Rep

Hi, VJAY12! Thank you so much for reaching out to us and bringing this up to our attention. I'm more than glad to assist you with this, and I will get your services back up and running. Allow me the opportunity to send you a private note, so we can address this properly. 🙂