Number share active 2 watch note 20 ultra+

So I have a 44 mm active 2 lte watch. Its number shared to my note 20 ultra 5g phone. But when I text my mom from my watch she said that it showed up a different number which would have been my stand alone watch number instead of the parent number that is my note 20 ultra thst is parked with. I said it shouldn't have i'm on number share and the watch and phone are paired. but I was an hour and a half away from my phone which was at home and my phone was turned off since I had forgotten it. But I thought that it should still be able to share the phone number even if I didn't have my phone on me. Can someone explain this to me? Am I missing something or is it because my phone and watch are so far away from one another. If its sharing I wouldn't think that would be a problem is there a setting or something  I am missing? I appreciate the help and ir suggestions and explanations ahead of time thanks 

Re: Number share active 2 watch note 20 ultra+
Customer Service Rep

It is always important to know the specifics of your device, we'll be glad to help out! In this case, as long as you have your phone with you and it is connected to your watch, you can send a text message from your watch and your phone number will show up. But, if the phone is powered off and not connected to your watch, the stand alone number for the watch will show when you send a message. We hope this clarify your question!