Nurse discount
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My daughter is a CNA at a hospital and a nursing student, why are CNA’s not included in the discount program? 

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chleigh, we would like the opportunity to extend our thanks to your daughter for everything she does for our communities as a healthcare worker. This has not been an easy time for anyone, especially for those who work in the medical field. So we truly are so thankful to all medical professionals.


Our Those Who Serve program is available to these groups across the US. This broad availability requires us to use nationally-standardized validation methods. We also must comply with regulations for those employed by local or state governments. As a result, certifications and licenses for select professions are required. We continue to review expanding the program to include other groups. Healthcare professionals not covered under the Those Who Serve program, can apply for other discounts which may be available based on their employer. You can get more information via our Discount Program. To check for additional details please visit our Discount Program page: and choose “Existing Customers” or “New to Verizon” and follow the prompts.