Online activation - limits?

I've just discovered the joy of being contract-free and buying cheap phones on ebay -- and I've gone a little nuts, I'm afraid, buying 2 phones in as many months.  I like them both.  They each have features that might make them useful to me in different circumstances.


I've also discovered online activation, on the website, and love it.


If I want to switch back and forth between these phones -- are there any limits to HOW MANY TIMES I can activate a phone, online?  Can I switch once a week, if I want?



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In theory you should be able to do it as many times as you'd like. Never really tested it to see if there was a limit, but I have switched devices 5 times in a week once and about 10 times in a month. But if it doesn't let you do it online you can always call and do it via *228 option 3.
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There are no limits to how many times you can switch phones.  I've changed devices a couple of times a day on one or two occassions and nothing detrimental happened.    Now if you have any idea of calling Guiness Book of Records or something . . . well then you're on your own as somebody from Verizon may just pull a plug on you after 10,0001 or something LOL!