Online call log not showing
Enthusiast - Level 1

 I have been trying for over a month to get this resolved and I am fixing to chuck verizon and go with a different carrier. I have called multiple times and spent hours on the phone with agents who only "escalate it" to whomever. In Sept, I had one of my phone lines number changed then disconnected. I called customer care later and asked to have the service restored and number changed back. I was told I had to wait 3 days because I had to pay my bill. So I did. Now every since that, I can no longer view any of the call logs for that line on the verizon web page or in my verizon app. I cannot and will not continue to wait for this to get resolved. We pay over 500.00 a month for service and I expect this to be handled. The stress of this is not worth it. SO this is my last attempt before I go shopping at another carrier. I am sure it is an easy fix. Not something that should be taking over a month. Just takes someone who is actually going to handle it!!!!!!!