Online order shipped with no tracking number

Ordered a used iPhone 11 on line 02/01/2022.  When I looked up the status on myverizon acct. it shows that it is still processing.  Should have been a 2 day shipping and its been 5 business days.  When I look it up on the website with Check Order Status ( not my acct.) it shows that it shipped the same day I ordered it with no tracking info. and no email.  Did the chat thing and they couldn't help at all.  Anyone else deal with this?

Re: Online order shipped with no tracking number
Customer Service Rep

edsusan212, our goal is to provide you with a great experience when ordering a phone, so we regret reading about the issues with the order. The order should have been processed and shipped promptly. We would like to work toward a resolution on the order issues. Please check your Private Messages for assistance.