Order approved then canceled by verizon for no reason

Well, I decided to trade my old Iphone 11 pro for the new Iphone 15 pro Max. The pre-order was accepted then a few later put on hold while they wanted more information from me, but they did not tell me what information. After calling CS that transferred me to the fraud department, they are telling me that the pre-order will be canceled without giving me no reason. I was confused. I  asked her why and she was not telling me why it is denied, trying to hang up the call. 2 days later, so wednesday the order was canceled. Yesterday, i decided to give another shot and place the order again. When i finished everything and put the order in the cart, i got the prompt on the screen asking me to call the CS number because they needed more information in order confirm my order. After calling them today and being transfert to the fraud department, i got the same answer that they cannot approved my order without giving me any reason. I assume there is a reason for that but they won't tell me why. I am confused. I am a verizon customer since a year( i got their 5G Home Internet without any issue) and my bills are always paid, so i do not understand. This is so frustrating. I was thinking about migrating my two lines from AT&T to them because they seem to have a better network. But after this experience, and making my research my research on the company, that mostly has bad reviews everywhere i checked( their bad reviews overtake good ones from far), nope thank you. Life is already stressful enough to add another source of stress in it.